Planning to surprise your best friend on his/her birthday unforgettable for years to come? Choosing a party bus in Melbourne is the best way to execute your plan. You can pick the hottest nightclubs in Melbourne or a fancy open-air restaurant as a fixed destination to surprise your best friend on his/her special day. You can keep enjoying the party the whole night with dance, music and doing endless fun activities. Also, you need not worry about a designated driver. Therefore, it will be the best way to surprise your best friend and throw a unique birthday bash!


Imagine the happiness showering on the face of your best friend when you surprise him/her with a party bus in tow on her special day. A party bus loaded with amenities will be a superb idea to surprise a best friend with a birthday celebration making the day memorable for a lifetime.


A party bus can make your best friend’s special day even more memorable and special, no matter how old or young your guest of honor might be. Invite at least twelve or more closest friends to jump on board in the most happening party. This is one of the most prominent Melbourne birthday ideas.

Are Party Buses Worth It?

Birthdays are a celebration of life that comes only once a year, on that special day you would want to make your best friend’s birthday, the best day of her life. On this special occasion, invite her friends and loved ones to join the celebration as it will be the best way to make her feel special. And when you hire a party bus the whole group can travel together in style making the ride to your set destinations.

You can rent a birthday party bus according to your preferences and style. You can find a large range of party buses to select with unique features. Luxury party buses have wonderful interiors with wooden seats and splendid facilities including Bluetooth sound systems, dance floors, laser and LED lights, flat-screen TVs, a dance pole, and more. Once you decide your party theme and party requirements, choose the party bus for making your celebration unforgettable.

Advantage of Renting a Melbourne Party Bus

Another great advantage of renting a Melbourne party bus for a birthday party is that everything will be according to your preferences, food, booze, music decorations, snacks and you will be the Dj as you are free to play your own favorite music while moving to the set destinations.

Party buses are safe and secure and driven by professional chauffeurs. If you have planned a wild night for your best friend, simply make the list of destinations where you want to stop and the chauffeur will drop off you and your friends safely. Moreover, you need not think about drinking and driving and the most pleasant thing, the party doesn’t stop when you are on your party journey moving to your destinations.

Therefore, book a party bus for your special occasion to create lasting memories for guests.

Best Activities for A Party Bus in Melbourne:

Your best buddy’s special day will be incomplete without some fun activities on a special party bus. Apart from boozing and being with closest friends, you can spice up your party with loads of fun activities and games that everyone will enjoy. We have come up with some great birthday ideas Melbourne for you that may include:

Guest DJ:

Set up your own playlist and accept a turn as the party Dj. Share your preferred playlist with your loved ones, find tunes that you never heard about and get into some chime for entertainment only.

Scavenger Hunt:

There are some rules to follow in this game. Prepare a list of all the things to be hidden all over the party bus. Divide your friends into two teams and ask them to search for the hidden items. The team that scores high by searching for the most items wins.

Name That Tune:

This road game just needs a smartphone and pre-made playlists. Connect the phone into the bus’ onboard sound system and you are all set for the musical game. Play the sound and ask the friends to name that tune.


  1. Ask your chauffeur to stop at the best pizza place to enjoy a pizza party.
  2. Stop at the sexiest cocktail bar for live music, dance, and fun games.
  3. Step in roller disco roller skating where you can uniquely enjoy any form of dance.
  4. Visit an ice cream shop to enjoy your favorite flavored ice cream.
  5. Search out photo places to click beautiful pictures with your friends to make the moments memorable for a lifetime.

We tried to help you with the Best birthday party ideas in Melbourne, hope you enjoy your birthday as you planned.

The nightlife scene in and around Melbourne can seem a little daunting. With different bars, pubs and clubs in every corner of every suburb, where does one even start?

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Top Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne:

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Side Terrace at Ludlow Bar & Dining Room

Peacock Lounge at The Emerald Peacock

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The Garden Parlour at The National Hotel

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