“Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country,” Italo Calvino said. Without translation, we would be lost, each in our different worlds. The translation is a literal bridge between the business and its consumers.

Say you’re a local business in Melbourne and having a marketing arm and a sales arm. Your team needs to be able to relate to international customers but don’t speak their language. You want to be extending past Melbourne audiences, but don’t know how to.

Promote yourself to local customers and beyond with translation services. There are about 1 million non-English-speaking people in Melbourne. With translation, you can market to this clientele, as well as market beyond Melbourne, as a local Melbourne business.

How translation can help?

Let’s find out by going over translations, what the process is like, and how translation can help local businesses in Melbourne. Then we’ll see how to find the right translation services for your business.

Are you ready to begin?

What Is Translation And How Will It Benefit Local Businesses in Melbourne?

Translation, as we all know, is the transmission of information from one language to another. And yet there is a lot that goes into translation. For example, translation and interpreting may be interlinked with each other, but they’re not interchangeable with each other. Translation deals with written text, while interpreting deals with spoken words.

There are also many types of translation. There’s marketing, technical, commercial, legal, medical, and more. Whatever your industry, translation will provide solutions for it. Whether you’re a local Melbourne university or a local Melbourne bakery, you can market with translation for slogans for your international expansion or hire a multilingual workforce with a translation of your documents.

The benefit of translation is that it brings forth global goals into local businesses in Australia.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider translation services in Melbourne:

  1. You can expand your business nationally or internationally – Translation can be a way of expanding your business nationally or internationally. Local businesses in Melbourne can invest in translation services that can help acquire different language groups abroad or within Australia. Through the help of Melbourne translation services, your business can attract more clients and grow exponentially.
  2. Raise brand awareness – Raising brand awareness is usually done by the expertise of marketing teams, but trusted marketing translators are also key to making your marketing efforts successful. The translation service providers can raise brand awareness in different countries through the use of languages. You can also market to language groups within Australia by way of translating your slogans, your marketing messages, your marketing documents, and even your logos.
  3. It might be mandated by law – For legal or medical purposes, translation serves as a way to help other businesses’ legal or medical teams. Usually, only verified and certified translations are legitimated by legal or medical institutions. Thus, only these types of certifiable translations that accurately represent the original are usually done by only professional legal or medical translators or interpreters.
  4. It’s low risk – The only risks of translations are mistranslations. Translations done by unqualified freelance translators may run the risk of mistranslation, but those done by certified translators from translation services in Melbourne are credited to have professional expertise of the industry and knowledge of languages so that their translations will be true to the original documents.

What Are the Different Types of Translation?

There are two types of translation that matter to local Melbourne businesses. This includes NAATI-Certified and certified types of translations.

NAATI-certifiedNAATI is a national standard and authorizing body when it comes to translation certification in Australia. NAATI is a national organization for the standardization of translations. They thus can certify quality translators who will be responsible for Melbourne translations.

Certified – This type of translation is a certification of true and authentic translation. That means it faithfully represents the content of the original. It is often required by jurisdictions, businesses, and institutions. Translations may be notarized as well, but all those that are certified come with a certificate of translation that’s accepted for your intended use. Moreover, certified translators are required to pass a certain level of qualification in the client’s industry and in their knowledge of two or more languages.

How Can Translation Services in Melbourne Help Local Businesses?

Professional Translation services in Melbourne must deliver high-quality and accurate translations that meet the needs of any national agencies, or international organizations from top-notch professional translators, qualified and certified. NAATI is the national standard for Australia, and any translation services in Melbourne must have translators that are certified by NAATI.

There are many translation services in Melbourne that have NAATI-certified translators that can provide the services you need. When we looked at the profiles of companies in Melbourne, we saw local businesses as well as international companies that provide translation services. Of the international companies that have a good reputation in Melbourne, we found Tomedes and Mars Translations to be good candidates for translation services in Melbourne. Mars Translation is known as a translation service in the Australian market, providing e-commerce translations, e-learning translations, and the like. However, in comparison to Mars Translations, Tomedes translation services in Melbourne have a full range of services for the Australian market including desktop publishing, legal, medical and more, from NAATI-certified translators.

Tomedes translators have the expertise of the Australian translation industry, as well as linguistic expertise. International translation services are the best bet for local businesses because they understand the trappings of the city-wide, nation-wide, and international clientele. Translation services from Tomedes can even move your business forward from the local to the international with the use of more than a great many languages. You can broaden your horizons to those of the international community through translation services in Melbourne.

This means translators who have a good grasp of Australian English vs. UK English vs. US English. These three are different in scope because they each rely on their own varying grammatical rules, slang, and idioms. Their words have different meanings when in these three different languages. Whether it’s accents and pronunciation or slang and idioms, these three varieties of English differ from each other and must be transcreated in order to be fully rendered in translation.

Translation services in Melbourne have the capability of broadening your horizons by raising brand awareness, acquiring new clients, and boosting sales, all done by verified linguistic experts within your business industry.

In Conclusion

The ways in which local businesses can utilize translation services in Melbourne is exponential. Local businesses, in order to become acquainted with translation services, can find translation services within review sites such as Goodfirms or even on social media such as LinkedIn. They can compare and contrast their services by looking over customer reviews, translators’ portfolios, and past work of the translation services.