Top International Schools In Melbourne:-

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Melbourne is the major destination for international students seeking education in a variety of fields. Melbourne education provides a top-notch education from primary school to universities. Being the capital of Victoria and multicultural city, you will see countless schools in Melbourne. These schools promise to offer the best in class education to international students in Melbourne. As per the ranking of Better Education out of 20 high schools, six schools are located in Melbourne. 

The schools situated in Melbourne used to follow the Australian education system. The Australian education system offers three levels of education such as primary, secondary and tertiary level education. 

However, English is the official language of Australia and used by schools to offer education. But still, schools tend to provide education in other bilingual languages. 

The schools situated in Melbourne not only offers world-class education. But also focuses on fundamental skills to make you aware of the real-life challenges. 

There is various type of schools situated in Melbourne such as government schools, specialist schools, non-government schools, and entry high schools.